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Dirt Bike Dubai

Get ready for the dirt bike trip of your life – get ready for a dirt bike experience in Dubai

MX-Academy offers Dirt-Bike riding in Dubai for all skill levels.

You are passionate about your dirt bike. You have spent countless hours on motocross dirt bike tracks. You are looking for new challenges. Then get ready and join us for a trip to Dubai on a dirt bike
Our two experienced coaches Chris Moeckli, European Motocross Championship winner in 2004 and 2005 and multiple SAM Swiss Champion, and Mohammed Al Balooshi, winner of the UAE MX Championship and multiple Arab Champion, will take you on the trip of your life! They will show you how to read the desert, find the best paths, bash and ride dunes and jump with your dirt bike. Can you already feel the hot desert wind blowing softly in your face? Can you hear the sound of the sand beneath your tyres?

Dirt Bike Dubai - learn and ride at the MX-Academy

Dirt-Bike Dubai - Dubai is a fascinating place and the dream for any motocross addicted dirt bikers. Wide open spaces off the beaten track and perfect conditions for dune bashing and off-road riding. And all this is just six hours flight away! With a time difference of only three hours it’s even worth going for a long weekend! When we’re not out in the desert on our dirt bikes there will be plenty of free time for you to enjoy some sunbathing, sightseeing and shopping.

Dirt Bike Dubai - lets start!

Dirt Bike Desert Rides and Coaching Packages
We offer you Honda dirt bikes with 70 ccm, 150 ccm and 250 ccm. All dirt bikes are in a excellent condition to have fun with it and during riding.
Dirt Bike are light weight vehicle about 110 kg heavy ( CRF 250 ) . Compared to heavier enduro bikes like KTM 690 or XT 600 these light weight dirt bike make fun and give a feeling or extreme safety in the desert.
Come and enjoy our dirt bike course and coaching packages at the MX – Academy im Dubai.

Dirt Bike Dubai for all skill levels

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Feel free to contact us and inquire about your desired dates of dirt bike riding in Dubai. We will be happy to arrange the trip according to your wishes.

Dirt Bike Dubai - Video:

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