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Switzerland sports

Switzerland Sports, some fun sports in Switzerland:

  1. MX-Academy Fun and Action Sport

Switzerland Sports for professionals and beginners. If you are a Motocross sport lover, MX-Academy is the right place for you. Also Motocross unexperienced athletes can at MX Academy in Switzerland discover their passion for the sport. The MX-Academy has different practice tracks to use. The team of MX-Academy are all professionals riders. They lead the newcomers professionally into the world of motocross. First it start with theory after this you will learn how to use it on the track. The advanced riders wil get tips and tricks in terms of driving technique, jumps and everything to improve the riding skills. Motorcycles and equipment can be provided by the MX-Academy. If you have your own equipment, you can as well use it. Together you will get a busy sports day experience with many new impressions and a lot of improvement in riding skills. All inclusive cost including bike, gear, track, fuel, food and coaching will be 435Sfr for full day. You can sign in here or if you have any question write an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Switzerland Sports

  1. Adventure Park Rheinfall

In Neuhausen you can enjoy high in the tree tops, the view of the Rhine Falls. The park, situated directly at the Rhine Falls benefits from the unique view of the roaring cascade of. All visitors learn how to use the system and complete at the beginning of an instruction course. Thirteen routes from 10 to 40 min duration of varying difficulty make the Adventure Park for all attractive. Nepal conductor plate, hanging or swinging wooden blocks calling Everything. The highlight is the jump from Powerfan, a 13 m high platform. In the bistro there are snacks and drinks for leached aces. In Rope Park is a public fire pit with seating. So you can enjoy the Switzerland Sports day.


  1. Kartbahn And Tempodrom in Winterthur

Switzerland Sports Indoor - Here meets Kart fans, skaters, and climbers in the block or at the Tempodrom. A sports center with a difference. On the 300 m long and 6 m wide asphalt track with 10 corners, including a banked curve and a mountain chicane by electric karts whiz at 16 kW up to 55 km / h their rounds. The cards can be adapted to body sizes of 125-195 cm. An indoor skating and Blader paradise is a separate block. On several walls routes of difficulty from easy to be climbed to severe. For newcomers there's constantly climbing courses or the ability to create its own climbing instructor the way up.


  1. FLOOMZER Toboggan

Switzerland Spots in the Flumserbergen (Mountain). With high speed through a fantastic landscape. It can convert almost any tobogganing: toddlers from 3 years may be taken with their parents on the FLOOMZER. Children who are at least 1.25 meters tall and older than 9 years may toboggan alone. In the modern and parental control Coastern experience at 250 meters height three gyros, two tunnels, numerous Curves, jumps, bridges, Twister and waves. The toboggan are firmly attached to the rails. This ensures that they can not derail. With a brake, you can control your speed. But it is never faster than 40 km / h - then automatically applies.


  1. Paintball Arena Schaenis

Switzerland Sports Indoor and Outdoor. The Paintball Arena Schaenis not only gives you the chance to play paintball, but it offers much more. The professional services, the modern equipment and the various spectacular playing fields will make your event an unforgettable experience. The restaurant provides you with a great choice of menus, snacks and beverages. All playing fields consists many barriers such as small houses, cargo containers and a original Russian MI2 helicopter. There are separate showering facilities, toilets and changing rooms in the center. This Paintball Arena is the largest paintball organizer in Switzerland with in- and outdoor playing fields on a total area of more than 20’000m2 at five different locations.

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