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Switzerland activities

Some of the best Switzerland activitis

Enjoy some of this activities in Switzerland:

  1. MX-Academy - Activiti with fun and action.

Switzerland activities with a professional Motocross rider. In a motocross course in the MX-Academy everyone learns to ride a motorcycle or expand his skills. Starting with the right positions on the bike, then the operation of the control elements, right view technique, balance and much more. The beginner motorcycles come in all sizes, including children and small women. The MX-Academy will give you the best support, any level of rider. If you already have experience in motocross, we give you tips for expanding your skills. If you want to ride motocross, MX Academy is just right. With Chris Moeckli former RedBull Athlet you will experience the ultimate action. To sign in you can see all available options here. if you have any questions just write an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Switzerland activities

  1. Fitness Island Sport, Wellness and Spa.

Switzerland activities in the Fitness Island. Train your fitness throughout the year, water, in the open air or in the air-conditioned rooms. In air-conditioned and glazed classrooms indoor cycling and FI kick boxing, Pilates, back-Fit, Power-Tone, Yoga, Combat, aerobics, Zumba and Morning Warm Up will be held. After that you can relax doing wellness and spa. Take part in the sauna and steam bath ceremonies with honey, peels and Mersea- products, from the salts and minerals from the Dead Sea. Spa treatments, massage and cosmetics, all for men and women, providing an ideal complement to the fitness Island Wellness & Spa.

  1. Tandem paragliding Glarnerland

Tandem flight in the Glarnerland region is a good Switzerland activit. Fly as a passenger with a professional paraglider and enjoy a unique experience in his safe hands. Feel the wind, enjoy the exhilarating sensation of height and savour the breathtaking panoramic mountain vista. No knowledge or experience of paragliding is required. All you require to be able to enjoy the experience of thermal soaring is a normal level of physical fitness. Equipped with a paraglider and all the necessary gear, your pilot will greet you at the meeting point and explain all the basics to you. The experienced pilots take care of all the rest and ensure you enjoy an exhilaratingly unforgettable flight and a gentle landing. Also one of the best Switzerland activities.

  1. Bungee Jumping Verzasca

Switzerland activities with adrenalin. Bungee jumping, you can do all over the world to experience, but the Verzasca is very special. With 220 meters, it sets the world record Bungy. And that's not all, because Pierce Brosnan as James Bond in the film Goldeneye helped the Verzasca Dam to be known around world. All you need is courage, complete a registration form and already there is no turning back. Next, you will get all equipment from your Bungy Master. Best secured it comes at the dam to the branch point. Bungy jumping can be experienced in many different ways, if you want. In Verzasca "Classic" is performed -jump at all, jump the first time. That is straight head, secured on the feet and as far as possible to jump out.

  1. Husky-Tour in Ermenswil.

Switzerland activities with Huskys. In training carriage enjoy a ride through the forest and Fluhr, prefer to see the strong Huskies that you and behind you the musher with his command. You can enjoy the beautiful view comfortably from the car and can watch the beautiful surroundings. But before you start with the Huskies Tour, you can once welcome your pack. Pats like the Husky namely just as happy as other dogs. When visiting the Huskies Camp you can also help prepare the dogs for the trip. At the end of Schlittenhundefahrt you will feed your Husky to thank for the great trip as a passenger and the work they have done.

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