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Motorcycle Rental Dubai

MX Academy offers motorcycle rental and motocross courses in Dubai

Motorcycle Rental Dubai - All sizes bikes for rental at the MX-Academy

Are you passionate about motorcycles and always up for new challenges? Then we have what you’re looking for. We offer motorcycle rental and motocross courses in Dubai, the most glamorous and fascinating of the United Arab Emirates.

Motorcycle rental Dubai, our available bikes:

Make the dream come true and improve your riding skills with two of the world’s top motocross riders! Chris Moeckli, multiple SAM Swiss Champion and double IMBA European Champion, and Mohammed Al Balooshi, UAE MX Champion and multiple Arab Champion, will teach you all there is to know about riding your bike in the desert, including dune riding, dune bashing and jumping with your bike.

Some samples of our Motorcycle rental Dubai offers: 

Motorcycle rental Dubai, Yahama PW 50
Motorcycle rental Dubai, Yahama PW 50


With a flight time of only six hours and a time difference of no more than three hours Dubai is the perfect destination for a motocross trip. It’s even worth coming here for a long weekend. But if you have time, we recommend that you stay a bit longer for there’s a lot to see! Apart from our trips to the desert there will be plenty of time for you to discover all that Dubai has to offer. Relax on the beach, go shopping in the world’s largest mall, marvel at the world’s tallest building – not for nothing is Dubai called the city of superlatives.

Motorcycle rental Dubai, Honda CRF 250
Motorcycle rental Dubai, Honda CRF 250


We can arrange for you motocross or desert riding training on your desired date, all you have to do is to select you favourite dates when filling in the booking form.

Motorcycle rental Dubai, KTM SX 250
Motorcycle rental Dubai, KTM SX 250


Motorcycle Rental Options:

When you come for coaching packages and come to visit us with your own bike you do not pay money for motorcycle rental!

Also experienced riders can come to ride elsewhere and rent a motorcycle from from for certain money. Apply for long term rentals and get a discount on the daily rate for motorcylce rental with us.

Motocycle Rental Dubai (Bike Only)

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Looking forward to seeing you on a motorcycle in the desert of Dubai!

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Motorcycle and Motorbike rental Dubai pricelist:

motorcycle and motorbike rental Dubai pricelist
Motorcycle and Motorbike rental Dubai pricelist



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