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What to do in Switzerland

Top 6 answers on the question what to do in Switzerland


What to do in Switzerland number 1 Motocross experience and Dirt-Bike riding:

An impressive experience on a dirt track in Switzerland is Motocross riding at the MX-Academy. You can rent Motocross bike and gear, kids from 4 years of age, girls and motorbike experienced riders are all welcome. There will be different groups on different tracks, each depending on the riders skills. All sizes of bikes available on the market are offered for rental. What to do in Switzerland - more Infos about a Motocross day you can see when visiting Motocross Switzerland or write an email to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!.

What to do in Switzerland
What to do in Switzerland - Motocross


What to do in Switzerland number 2 Bodensee boat trip:

An amazing boat trip on the biggest lake in Switzerland, can be started at several cities and interesting places can be visited as example the island of flowers island meinau.


What to do in Switzerland number 3 museum Allerheiligen in Schaffhausen:

Museum of art and local archaeological museum just next to the IWC museum of watches.


What to do in Switzerland number 4 Höllgrottenbar in Lorzentobel near Baar ZG:

The 6000 year old stalactite cave in Lorzentobel amazing fairies grot for young and old to let fairy tales inspire you..


What to do in Switzerland number 5 Kesslerloch cave in Thayngen:

About 15'000 years ago this cave was used by hunters to store animals, about 1900, bones of 53 different prehistorical  animal bones were found as example the mammoth and the woolly rhinoceros


What to do in Switzerland number 6 rope course in Neuhausen:

The rope course in Neuhausen on top of the Rheinfall, offers an amazing activity with an outstanding view on Europe largest waterfall.



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